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Updated on 30.07.2021


Sales Manager

Real estate sales managers supervise real estate sales as the leaders of sales teams. They also work directly with clients who are in the market to buy, sell, or rent properties. This position is full time, and these managers typically work regular business hours, as well as some nights and weekends to accommodate client schedules. People with hustle, tenacity, and a self-motivated, problem-solving mindset are successful in the real estate industry and make great real estate sales managers.


Duties and Responsibilities :

  • The most significant responsibility of real estate sales managers is keeping their team members motivated to close sales . they set weekly , monthly and annual goals for the members to work towards and track goals on a regular basis, They also conduct team meetings and incentives for agents to achieve goals,
  • These managers are responsible for conducting interviews and hiring real estate sales staff. They develop and implement training programs that teach sales agents how to get customers, negotiate real estate deals, acquire financing, and properly fill out sale paperwork.
  • Real estate sales managers are often responsible for administrative duties like preparing employee payroll and budget reports, marketing, and planning open houses and other events that help develop sales leads for their office. They may also order office supplies.
  • Real estate sales managers maintain relationships with repeat clients to keep them satisfied and promote future business opportunities and referrals.
  • Although they don’t always act as sales agents themselves, real estate sales managers will meet with clients who need specialized attention or who are experiencing a difficult situation. They also assist sales agents who need guidance with client meetings and communication.
  • To stay current on the real estate industry, these managers spend time researching new housing regulations and legislation that affects their sales office. They also travel to attend industry meetings, seminars, and conferences to expand their industry knowledge and develop professional networks.

Sales Executive

Real estate sales executives generally oversee various activities that lead up to the purchase and sales of properties. They meet with clients and prospects interested in prospects interested in properties to offer them real estate deals. As part of their duties , they communicate with clients to identify their requirements and choice of property.


Duties and Responsibilities :

  • Oversee the promotion of property sales on advertisement media and listing services
  • Meet with prospects and clients interested in properties to offer them real estate deals
  • Communicate with clients to identify their requirements and choice of property
  • Oversee the preparation and approval of documents such as purchase agreements, and lease contracts
  • Coordinate the closing of property deals to ensure vital documents are signed and payment received
  • Oversee arrangements to give prospective buyers the view of a property before closing deals
  • Act as intermediaries liaising between property sellers and prospective buyers to facilitate property deals
  • Conduct the inspection of a property to ensure the terms and conditions of sales are met before closing sales deals
  • Provide periodic reports to company management on sales operations and generated returns using CRM systems
  • Conduct surveys to identify price of competing properties on the housing market
  • Ensure compliance with housing laws and policies when conducting property deals
  • Monitor the property market to identify individuals with interest in property to convince them and secure a brokering deal
  • Maintain contact with clients to have opening to discuss future business prospects
  • Participate in seminars, conferences, and events to improve on existing job knowledge and expand personal network.
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